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Can we strap him to a rocket and fire it up at midnight?

Old Quentin Tarantino’s back. Spending New Year’s here again. No doubt he’ll have another go at getting a supermodel home before she passes out or vomits all over him. Although after his stellar turn on Conan O’Brien the last time, I’m hoping Icelandic women have enough self-respect to give the guy a wide berth – very wide – and to leave his sorry ass there to pass out all by himself.

Went to a movie this evening [Golden Compass] and discovered to my great dismay that Háskólabíó, the very last cinema in this town to have decent seating, has gone and installed those horrendously uncomfortable bucket seats that everybody else has. I’m talking about those supposedly “superior comfort reclining seats” that don’t actually recline and that are designed for people around 175 cm tall [EPI’s height] leaving people around 163 cm tall [YT’s height] all scrunched down in the seat with their head pushed forward by the “head rest” [aka the “head torment device”]. Which means that people my height have to arch their back and neck if they plan to watch the movie and not just the back of the seat in front [which I’m sure is very entertaining but maybe not quite worth what they’re charging]. Plus for those of us who suffer from whiplash injuries [probably about half the Nicelandic nation, the way they drive here] it’s an absolute killer. I mean, what the hell were they thinking? Don’t they realize that a vast majority of the population is NOT over 175 cm tall? And that short people like going to the movies, too? And now they can’t go to a single movie house without being supremely uncomfortable for the whole movie? Maybe I should start my own cinema. A cinema for short people, in which people over 175 cm tall would be forced to install a device on their seats that would push their heads forward so they’d have to look at the floor the whole time, unless they contorted themselves into a position so painful they’d run out of the cinema yelping within 15 minutes. And by the front door would be YT, rubbing her hands together in glee and shouting after them HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, SUCKER!?!

Killer wind today but died down as the frost intensified. Right now we have -6°C [21F] and sunrise was at 11.23, sunset 3.34 pm. Meh.