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Dear everyone! With 2015 upon us, I have been taking stock of various things, including myself and my [changing] interests, and how those are reflected in my online and social media activities. As many of you will know, this blog started out as a general forum for my personal expressions [and occasional rants] and morphed into kind […] Read more

A milestone

Today, October 20, it is ten years since I started this blog. I just realized this. So I thought I’d take a quick jog down memory lane. In October 2004 I was, um, ten years younger than today. I had written a novel that got picked up by an agent in London but which failed […] Read more

Dear all. About four years ago I released  an eBook through this blog called The Little Book of the Icelanders. Almost immediately it was a success, and people started asking me when the next one would come out. Well, the time has come. I am thrilled and delighted to announce that the sequel to the […] Read more

Introducing my consulting services!

Dear all. Those of you who are familiar with this website may have noticed a change to it in the last few days. That change has been made to reflect something that I have unofficially been doing for several years now – providing research and consulting services about Iceland. Those of you who have followed […] Read more

Stuck on an Icelandic highway

Yesterday I posted a somewhat cryptic status on the Facebook page about our car breaking down on Ring Road 1. I realized soon enough [even before one of our loyal readers requested more info] that I hadn’t provided very much detail. So, for anyone who is left wondering what exactly happened, here is the story. […] Read more

Last weekend there was an amazing interview in Fréttatíminn with a Bosnian woman named Ranka Inga Studic who came to Iceland in 1998. Reporters from RÚV went to Bosnia and happened to interview her for Kastljós – a harrowing interview, in which she described the conditions in which she lived. An Icelandic woman who lived […] Read more

And the winner of the review raffle is …

A little over a week ago I wrote a post asking people if they could find the time to review my books on Amazon, and offering a small incentive in the form of a signed copy of The Little Book of the Icelanders that all reviewers would have a chance to win. Those who posted […] Read more

Hey everyone – I have a little favour to ask. As many of you reading this will know I’ve published a couple of books on Amazon. I’ve sold a respectable number of copies, but unfortunately the reviews coming in from readers haven’t really kept pace. Amazon’s reader reviews are vastly important for indie authors. The […] Read more

Earthquake 4.8!

Apparently there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 this morning just after 7.30 am. The epicentre was on Reykjanes, the peninsula that has Keflavík airport on the end, about 3 km from what the Icelanders bizarrely call Reykjanestá or “Reykjanes toe” [it looks more like a heel to me]. I was happily lulling about in […] Read more

And now a Facebook follower is blocked

Oh for crying out loud! Now Facebook has blocked a follower of the IWR page for a remark she made in response to this. Her offending remark was: For this, she has now been put in the doghouse. I don’t know what’s happening over there at Facebook, but something is seriously off.