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Foreign cat on the loose in Reykjavík!

Oh dear oh DEAR. A black cat [with a white spot on its chest] escaped from a plane today at Reykjavík airport. The plane was en route from Denmark to the USA. The poor thing is now wandering the streets of Reykjavík, thinking that America is nothing like the pictures. All joking aside, though, this […] Read more

The road ahead

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post and offered encouragement and kind words. It’s very nice to be back in this space and to [re-]connect with both “current” and “old” friends. After that last episode with Facebook, I have been evaluating the way in which to proceed with my Iceland updates. […] Read more

Blocked from Facebook!

Update: the person in question contacted me and denied reporting the comment. He further said he had removed all of his comments on the thread because “… it became clear to me your page a was a forum for angry people to vent and I wanted no part of that.” According to him, people have been […] Read more

Win tickets to see The Deep in Toronto!

Everyone: I have two tickets to give away to the film The Deep [Djúpið] by Iceland’s Baltasar Kormákur that opens at the TIFF Lighthouse in Toronto today. Baltasar Kormákur is one of Iceland’s foremost directors. His film 2Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg was the biggest-grossing film in the US last weekend [its opening […] Read more

My new book is in the stores!

So I’ve had the cover photo of my new book pasted in the sidebar since last March, but as yet I haven’t written a proper post about it. I can’t say why, exactly … except maybe because I wrote about it on my other blog and felt it was kind of redundant to write about […] Read more

This site is currently not being updated

That means that there’s really not very much action around here. However, if you are a visitor genuinely interested in Iceland and would like to engage with us, please join us on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. And of course, feel free to browse through the archives. Thank you!