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Out shooting birds

This week, instead of posting one picture, I want to post a few that I took during our ring road trip last week. Our final two nights were spent at Kolkuós, a historic trading post that some idiots wanted to turn into the main garbage dumping site for north Iceland. [It’s the same morons who want […] Read more

Beautiful Brúarfoss

This waterfall, called Brúarfoss [Bridge falls] is one of my favourites in all of Iceland. It is off the beaten track, tucked away inland, with no road save a hiking/horse riding track to access it. I used to rent a cottage every summer very close by, and it would take me about ten minutes to reach […] Read more


Last year when we did our Ring Road tour, we spent the first night in a place called Þakgil, in the south. To reach it, you turn north at a turnoff just past Vík and drive inland for about half an hour. We had no idea it was that far, and were starting to think […] Read more

Double rainbow

Last summer I did a fabulous tour around Iceland to distribute my books to retailers. We drove the south->north route, and one of our first stops was at Seljalandsfoss in the south, one of Iceland’s most stunning waterfalls [it’s the one you can walk behind]. As it happened it was a beautiful sunny day [one of the few sunny […] Read more

Nature’s artwork

I am a fan of the small stuff. As much as Iceland’s magnificent natural wonders and open vistas can stun and amaze, I sometimes feel like the real beauty of this country is incorporated in the things that you see when you look down; when you look closer. Like those tiny flowers that you find […] Read more

Secret cave with waterfall

This image looks like it is upside-down, but it is actually the roof of a cave high up on a mountain on Snæfellsnes peninsula that has a waterfall tumbling in front of it – kind of like a miniature Seljalandsfoss. A couple of years ago EPI and I decided on a whim to take a couple of […] Read more

Dramatic clouds over Reykjavík

In line with my new experimentation in keeping this blog updated, I’ve decided to post a picture once a week, with a wee bit of commentary. Something from the archives, but which tells a story. We start with this: I would like to tell you that I sat and waited hours for this picture, posed with […] Read more