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Dramatic clouds over Reykjavík

In line with my new experimentation in keeping this blog updated, I’ve decided to post a picture once a week, with a wee bit of commentary. Something from the archives, but which tells a story. We start with this:

Clouds over Reykjavik Iceland

I would like to tell you that I sat and waited hours for this picture, posed with my camera and tripod on the west side of Tjörnin pond, until the clouds parted over Hallgrímskirkja church JUST SO. But no: this pic was a complete fluke. I happened to come out of a house on Tjarnargata, saw the cloud formations, pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, and took the shot. It wasn’t until I looked at it later that evening that I saw what a remarkable formation those clouds actually made.

This photograph is actually the most-liked thing ever on the IWR Facebook page, with just over 1,000 likes, and another 500+ likes the second time I posted it [as my cover page].