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Earthquake 4.8!

Apparently there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.8 this morning just after 7.30 am. The epicentre was on Reykjanes, the peninsula that has Keflavík airport on the end, about 3 km from what the Icelanders bizarrely call Reykjanestá or “Reykjanes toe” [it looks more like a heel to me].
earthquakeI was happily lulling about in dreamland and felt nothing, but the folks in Reykjanesbæ and Grindavík felt things tremble and shake. No injuries, though, as far as I know [thank God for properly built houses]. The Met office forecasts more quakes to come – smaller ones, most likely. Me, I’m getting the hell out of dodge just in case some long-extinct volcano starts to blow. Heading east today to spend the next five days. [Just kidding. About the volcano.]

[Photo nicked here.]