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Even spammers get the blues

Okay. Do NOT ask me to recount the nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat handball game between Iceland and Denmark just now. The one where the score was practically even the whole way through, where Iceland was almost always one goal behind Denmark [except when they were one goal over], who managed to tie the game in the last two seconds, forcing it into overtime. And absolutely DO NOT ask me about how the Danes scored the winning goal in the last second of overtime, killing Iceland’s chances of making it to the finals. It’s too painful. I can’t bear it.

Thing is, I don’t even care about handball that much. It’s just my extreme nationalistic streak showing. Especially when the game is against Denmark, our former colonizers. Have I ever mentioned the good-natured [ahem] rivalry that exists between Iceland and Denmark? The Icelanders and Danes do love each other, but there’s always that edge. Lately Icelanders have been doing some reverse conquering in Denmark, like Baugur buying not only their landmark department store Magasin Du Nord but also the swanky Illum. There was a fair amount of disgruntlement about that over in the land of the Danes. I’ll say no more.

What a dullsville day today was. Work is barely trickling in, nobody sending me any emails, and even the spammers seemed to be having the day off. A quick look reveals only 19 spam messages so far today, as opposed to the 50 or so I get normally. Slacking off!

Thank God I had a couple of amusing site meter searches. Like this one, from New Mexico:

what kind of language is used in Iceland?

Umm … last time I checked, we were using Icelandic. Have to be careful not to over-use it, though. Wouldn’t want to wear it out or anything.

yesterday’s weather report please [Birmingham]

Aw, bless. You gotta love the Brits. Even on Google they’re polite.

pictures of foreign penis [Pennsylvania]

Because they look different over there.

The cruelty of women [Norway]

I see a teary-eyed, maudlin drunkard whose wife has just left him. And you?

I’m just wasting time here. Typing for the sake of typing. Spouting forth empty drivel into the cavernous wastes of cyberspace. And imagine! Spring is around the corner, at least if the green blades of grass in our garden are anything to go by. Today was gorgeous, drizzle all gone, sun appearing every now and then, moderate winds from the southwest, 2°C in the capital. And sunrise, at 10.15, sunset at 17.08. Yowsa!



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