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Flickr pics

Here’s one of the first pictures I took on our Canada vacation – in front of the St. Lawrence Market, on Front Street. I love that little triangular building between the two skyscrapers… and of course there’s the CN Tower – Toronto’s emblem – doing a peek-a-boo behind one of them.

Hasty post today, but if you’re interested you can have look at a bunch of pictures I’ve uploaded to Flickr. Just click on this one and then choose slideshow – or whatever you want.

Also, sometime in the next few days I’m planning to post more details of the home exchange fiask… er, experience. So those of you who have expressed an interest, stay tuned.

Is overcast and windy. Saving grace: relatively mild [15°C]. Sun came up at 04.27 and will set at 22.39.

PS. For some annoying reason the pics only appear in chronological order [i.e. more or less the order they were taken in] if you go here and select the ‘Canada’ set.