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Frankenstein’s helper

AAH’s orthodontist, a.k.a. Dr. Frankenstein, has me performing a gruesome task at the moment: prying apart her palate twice a day with a metal screw he’s attached to the roof of her mouth.

Frankenstein has determined that AAH’s palate is too narrow to accomodate her teeth [‘dental crowding’ they call it; hence the requirement for his services] and he will probably have to pull a couple before he attaches the braces to her upper teeth [he’s already put them on the lower teeth]. However, before he does that he wishes to widen her palate with a something called a ‘rapid palate expander’ or ‘hyrax’. Because the segments of the skull are not quite coagulated this will widen her palate and allow all her teeth to be lined up all in a pretty row.

In other words, what Dr. Frankenstein is doing is prying apart AAH’s skull to expand it so that it forms a gap that will gradually fill up with bone [we hope]. My job is to stick a ‘key’ type of thing in her ‘hyrax’ every morning and every night, and turn it to facilitate the prying process. Yech!

The thought of it gives me the heebie-jeebies, expecially when AAH tells me how she can feel it running right up her face to her forehead, and when I see there’s already a small gap between her front teeth. I just hope Frankenstein knows what he’s doing. I’ve done some reading online and the overwhelming majority of articles are very clinical and report no side effects except for ‘positive’ ones like improved breathing, etc. However, there was one I saw tonight that went on about potential neurological damage, and while it doesn’t seem particularly credible it still gave me a heavy sinking feeling and had me kicking myself internally for not having gotten a second opinion [or three]. But because Frankenstein is the leading orthodontist in the country and dismissively assured us that he’d done loads of these kinds of operations in the past and all was perfectly fine, I swallowed his reasoning whole. However, I’m resolved to get on the blower tomorrow and make some calls to see what I can find out. Until then, I guess I’ll be turning the screw.

Primarily because there has been hardly any wind, and as you will know if you’ve been hanging around the IWR for a while, the weather is always beautiful in Iceland when there’s no wind. Current temps 11°C and sunrise was at 07.16 and sunset at 19.22.



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  • Imitstamp February 26, 2012, 8:23 pm

    * Return the class names back to their Final Fantasy staple ~ Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Thief, Dragoon…etc
    * Allow classes to equip a multitude of various weapons, ala FFXI without changing class based on the weapon.
    * Remove durability from items, its just an annoying hassle, especially for non-crafters looking for repairs.
    * Add hard levels to all items, thus you can’t be lvl 1 wearing lvl 50 gear anymore, but do allow cross class equipping of gear, for cosmetic reasons, like heavy plate shouldn’t be good to go into battle with as a Mage.you could but it would be stupid…lol This would make it easier for everyone in choosing the proper gear per ones level, and also show a players progress. I loved that in XI, being levels 1-35 gear was rather bland and every job looked similar, but starting at 35-45+ and especially at 52-60+ is where gear became more job specific, colorful and made you really stand out that I’m a Red Mage, he’s a Paladin, and she’s a Summoner.
    * Allow us to have an AH
    * Return to us the proper macro system from XI, right now its rather pointless because you can’t use a spell or ability unless its equipped to your hot bar too.
    * Give us Chocobos, Carriages and Airships, and remove the insta-teleports at any time. Just allow us to set more than one bind and port to those binds from another crystal.
    * Add more dangerous enemies on the overworld instead of being tucked away in various corners of the world that can mostly be avoided, bring back the need to sneak/invisible, deodorize.
    * Loss of XP death penalty, even in XI it wasn’t that much and made the thought of dying or attempting to run past that deadly basilisk all the more exciting.
    * As you mentioned with zones, while these massive zoneless regions are nice, they should be more appropriately populated with varying monster strengths and levels, for instance the main central area of Thanalan is the newbie starter area, and the further E/W you go the mobs get slightly harder, but then each of the 4 corners and dungeons should have say lvl 10-15 in the SW, 16-20 in the SE, 21-25 in the NE and 26-30+ in the NW…etc
    * Bring back the ‘Con’ or consider system instead of the horrible color coding that mostly doesn’t make any sense, especially since many classes can already take on some mobs with a red symbol which should be ‘Incredibly Tough’ and impossible to solo. Where others with a red symbol really are IT and 1 shot you, you don’t really know unless you attack it and find out. Or its just a huge lizard or dragon and one should know better, but still…lol
    * Appropriately space the level that spells and abilities are gained, I find it quite absurd that you don’t get Raise until lvl 38, when it was 25 in XI, or Protect/Shell II until 47, when it was in the early teens in XI also.
    * And anything else from FFXI that should have already been in XIV…jocuri biliard

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