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Get your penis-shaped shopping mall here!

As I wrote back in February, Penis Mall is being put up for sale — and the bidding starts today!

Baggalútur featured it prominently on their Official News Page.

penis mall icelandThe State Real Estate Agency has sent out the following press release:

For private sale, beautiful two-story detached home, centrally located in Kópavogur. The property is spacious and airy and offers a wealth of possibilities for imaginative individuals or couples.

Private entrance, garage, bright central area, tiled bathrooms [without bath], several fitted kitchens and lovely multiplex television facility in attic.* An exciting open space exists in the eastern part of the building which may potentially be used as an oratory or squash court. Fairground can easily be installed on premises.

Price open to negotiation. Trade for smaller penis-shaped shopping mall will be considered.

You’ve got to hand it to old Baugur Group — they may have gone a long way towards bankrupting this country, but at least they gave us Smáralind, and thereby an endless supply of jokes.

* Smáralind cinema.



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  • hildigunnur April 29, 2010, 8:52 am

    það er náttúrlega bara reðursafnið á Húsavík sem á að kaupa Smáralind 😀