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Snapped this at the delightful Kensington Market in Toronto, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city. We were staying very close to the substantially-more gentile St. Lawrence Market [read: no Roach-O-Rama shops], but made a few trips over to Kensington nonetheless.

Am currently working on uploading more photos from our trip to Flickr. Stay tuned.

We’ve got gentle rain falling at the moment. Tomorrow we’re set to have some sun, after which it’s back to rain for the next several days. This coming weekend is Icelanders’ big blow-out weekend, Verslunarmannahelgin, when half the country hits the road to attend the myriad outdoor festivals held all around the country, so you can bet there are a lot of people interested in the weather forecast. Temps are a balmy 13°C and the sun came up at 04.11 and will set at 22.55, and Oh! As of today we’re back to daybreak/nightfall times – as you will recall we’ve had none of those lately because, well, there was no daybreak/nightfall on account of the 24-hour daylight. So today daybreak was at 02.00 and nightfall is set for 24.54. Heading into the darkness now. Boo.