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In which I exhaust the well of my indignation and launch a newsletter

Dear everyone!

With 2015 upon us, I have been taking stock of various things, including myself and my [changing] interests, and how those are reflected in my online and social media activities.

As many of you will know, this blog started out as a general forum for my personal expressions [and occasional rants] and morphed into kind of an angry tirade against the ruling [and then ex-ruling] political powers in Iceland and their policies – mostly those that had led to this country’s economic meltdown.

When I stopped blogging regularly in 2010 I kept on updating my IWR Facebook page, and tried to keep people posted on some of the major news developments in Iceland. However, I find that I have quite exhausted the well of my indignation against the Icelandic political shenanigans. While I do keep up, and do my part by protesting and taking a stand against injustice and political stupidity [of which sadly there is a glut of in Iceland at the moment] I have decided to steer away from writing about it. This is partly in order to preserve my own sanity, and partly because other outlets are doing a fine job of writing about Icelandic news, in English.

That being said, I can’t resist keeping if not my hand, then at least my pinkie, in the discussion. To that end I’m devoting a section of a monthly newsletter I’m now launching to at least an overview of the main things that happened in this country during the previous month – mostly in the form of curated links.

Apart from that the newsletter will focus on things like my writing, my current obsessions interests, fun and intriguing links I’ve found around the internet over the past month or so, and more.

I would love to have you on board. You can check out my first newsletter here, and if you like what you see, sign up for monthly updates here.

I should mention that these newsletter updates are different from the blog updates that some readers have signed up to receive.

As for this site, I will no doubt continue my infrequent postings here, but I expect they will be of a more general – rather than political – nature, focusing on life in Iceland and the subject matters of my various Iceland-related books.

Bye for now, and I look forward to sending you my new newsletter [which I’m pretty darn pleased with, if I do say so myself]!

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