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In which YT mourns the loss of her favicon and pines for a new set of clothes

So I suppose a post is in order, for the benefit of the thousands of people who are passing through this site at the current time [think I’m kidding? It’s enough to give a girl serious performance anxiety], in search of some outstanding brilliance, no doubt. [ahem]

YT, meanwhile, has been of a mad search of her own, namely for my little favicon [the little image that appears next to the URL] that mysteriously disappeared a couple of days ago. As soon as I noticed it missing I felt like someone had stripped off all my clothes and left me standing naked in front of an open window – and at a very inappropriate time, too, just when everyone is looking. It’s not all fun and games, you see.

Anyway, it appears that a certain hosting website has gone belly-up and taken my favicon with it. And I have literally spent hours in the last few days trying to work out how to put up another one. What a freaking hassle! I won’t bore you with the details – suffice it to say that a very kind individual who has been holding my hand in the Google support forums over the past two days has taken pity on me and offered to host my favicon for me, so I won’t have to go around naked any more. Phew!

Anyway, must run, EPI and I are heading out for a spot of cross-country skiing because it’s such a gorgeous day out there. Pictures may follow so be forewarned. Currently -1°C [32F] and the sun came up at 10.27, will set at 4.53.