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It’s not the character lines, it’s the technical ineptitude

I am completely embarrassed to tell you how long I have just spent trying to access songs in AAH’s iTunes library, with the purpose of moving them over to my iTunes library on the same computer. In fact, I am mortified. I don’t even know why I’m typing this right now. [Undoubtedly some weird compulsion to confess, which has plagued me all my life – why wasn’t I born a Catholic?]

I started by trying to email songs to me. That didn’t work well, as it took forever and my webmail only allowed 10 mb to be sent at a time, which meant that the 60 songs I wanted would have taken me, oh, until the end of the decade to transfer. I then tried to upload the songs to some website, as instructed by AAH [who was inconveniently absent], but that was taking forever, and I thought pfft! surely I could come up with a better plan that.

So I got out the external hard drive and attached it to the mac, tried to copy the tunes over onto it – but to no avail. At that point I got EPI involved, seeing as he’s a mac man and spends all day every day working on a mac – I figured he’d have it sussed. Nope! He was as completely mystified as I was by the fact that the files wouldn’t copy – they always do on his machine. In the end it was duly blamed on the fact that I have two accounts on mine, and he only one on his. [Whatever.]

That brilliant plan aborted, I decided to try to copy the songs over onto a memory stick. Success!! That is, until I logged into my own account and tried to move the songs into iTunes. Rejected. Every last one. Can you believe it? I couldn’t.

Still – being a super-sleuth, I just couldn’t help thinking, “There has to be a better way. Yes. There simply has to be.” And you know what? There was. After spending virtually all evening trying to crack the puzzle, I finally figured out that I could access AAH’s files [the ones that aren’t locked, mind] through the hard drive on my account.

So now:

Save me – Aimee Mann
Happy Valentine’s Day – Andre 3000
Hey Ya! – Andre 3000
Baby Boy – Beoncé
Gone Going – Black Eyed Peas
Where U At – Kanye West
Upgrade U – Beoncé & JayZ
El Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

… and lots more. And now I gotta run, as I’m picking up the Princess from the Ball and she turns into a pumpkin at midnight. And who wants to be a pumpkin sitting outside Broadway?