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Magni demigod

As every blogger knows, Site Meter can come up with some priceless Google searches. Today, amongst the ubiquitous ‘iceland weather’ and ‘magni supernova’, SM delivered up a handful of gems that somehow landed on the Iceland Weather Report page:

hardcore sex uterus close up picture free

Come again?? – Or on second thought, no. Nononono.

iceland woman no teeth

… Dang! How did you find me?

woman who have had their panties stolen

… Probably our panty thief, trying to remember where he went last.

what they eat in iceland

… Um, could it be:

brains for dinner

… Er, no…

icelandic sheep’s tongue cooking

… Yup, that’s more like it. But not quite.

weather report toy

… Oh sure. Dream on, sucker!

Meanwhile, the best piece of advice I was offered today came from my pal Greavsie. The next time I have a difficult decision to make, all I need to do is ask myself:

“What would Magni do?”

I’m saved! We all are!!

Surely he would have left it as it was today. It was a gurrrgeous day, bright and sunny, even if there was a little hint of chill in the air. The light is so amazing when the sun starts to sink a little lower in the sky, not to mention when it gets a bit colder – clear and translucent. Difficult to describe how the light of the north differs from that of more southern regions, it’s truly something you have to experience. Right now the temperature is 8°C and sunrise was at 07.07, sunset at 19.33.