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Meet the new family member

EPI and I were really really good… so look what we got in our shoe:*

Ms Magnifica DeLonghi, if you please. Quite the stunner, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh, what a day it’s been! Started out benignly enough… until I went out for a walk to the bakery, that is. On the way – as I walked along the seashore – it started huffing and puffing and… finally it grew exceedingly dark and before I knew what had hit me I was in the midst of the most wicked hailstorm I’ve ever known. It was the most absurd situation: walking along listening to old Diana Krall singing the calmest candlelight Christmas music ever on the iPod, and then BAM! all of a sudden I have to dig my feet into the ground to keep from being blown out to sea and the backs of my legs are being pummeled with hailstones. It hurt like hell! I’m sure I have hail-sized bruises! While old Diana kept crooning ‘White Christmas’ all warm and cozy, like. It was so crazy I started laughing and I’m sure all the passers by thought I was certifiably insane [er… all none of them – because you had to be insane to be out there] and note bene – that was just the beginning. A couple hours later we had British Airways jets being redirected to Egilsstaðir in the east on account of the storm, and needless to say all domestic flights were cancelled [which means we have a lot of British tourists hanging around Egilsstaðir tonight, wondering what the hell to do with themselves]. It’s still crazy windy, and is supposed to alternate between this and perfect calm until Christmas Day. Temps 1°C and sunrise and sunset the same as yesterday imagine that. OH AND THE WINTER SOLSTICE IS TODAY! INTO THE LIGHT ONCE MORE!

*OK, so it’s actually a wedding prez from his father.