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My little experiment goes bye-bye

Exactly eight weeks ago I decided to try posting a weekly news review on this blog to see where it would lead. It was a bit of an experiment to see whether those people who follow me/this blog on Facebook and Twitter were interested in my take on the political and social scene here in Iceland, a bit more in-depth than I’m able to provide on social media.

Well, long story short, the experiment hasn’t led very far. It would seem that I get a far better response by simply posting links ad hoc on the blog’s Facebook page with a brief description of what’s happening. Actually, truth be told, there doesn’t really seem to be much of an interest in the social and political developments in Iceland, period – at least when compared with other Iceland-oriented posts that I make on social media [pretty pictures, for instance].

So given that each of these weekly news posts takes me about three hours to research and write, I’ve decided that getting maybe a couple hundred clicks at best on each isn’t a very good return on my time investment. For that reason I’ve decided to give it up and to only post to the blog when there’s something truly important to say.

If you are one of the handful that has subscribed in the past few weeks, or one of the 100-200 people who click on the posts, thank you so much for your interest, and apologies for bailing out on this. Perhaps I could suggest that you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, if you don’t already.

Peace and love!