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… Or else!

… Otherwise you will be forced to imbibe two full tumblers of brennivín and sixteen pieces of putrid shark, and to stand on one leg whilst singing the Icelandic National Anthem by the side of the pool. Naked.

Have a nice swim!

Looking pretty dreary. Overcast with rainshowers and 12°C. And now if you’ll excuse me I must go make arrangements for the annual Double Birthday Party… EPI was lucky enough to get his youngest daughter as a present, 17 years ago. I mean, what can possibly top that?? Sunrise 04.40 and sunset 22.25.

[PS. They’ve started handing those little cards out at the desk when you go in. In case people miss the signs that are displayed a) inside every locker, b) on a large triangular sign that blocks the way as you enter the showers, c) on every wall in the change rooms. Believe it or not, people seem to.]



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  • James January 17, 2009, 3:10 pm

    I assume an “out swimsuit” is some kind of special Icelandic swimsuit for outside bathing…

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