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Put that in your happy pipe and smoke it

So, remember Eric? The guy who asked to meet with YT because someone told him I had an opinion about everything? The one who was here scratching his head about why the Nicelanders were so damn happy all the time when they had every reason to be SAD? Well, evidently the book he was writing burned up the New York Times best seller list on publication, making it to number eight [or higher] and evidently YT was IN IT!! And before you get too excited, Eric apparently referred to YT as ‘Alda, a popular Icelandic blogger’ with not a singular plug for the Weather Report. Can you imagine? Which is why YT is not going to plug his book either, not even a little bit. And is not going to buy it. And anyway, I know exactly why the Nicelanders are so damn happy all the time: it’s because they take cod liver oil.*

We reached the dubious milestone last weekend of having every single cell at the Reykjavík police station occupied. This in itself is not such an anomaly, except that this time every single occupant of every single cell was a foreigner. Crimes involving foreign citizens have – unfortunately – been very prominent here in the last few months, and many of them are ugly crimes. Gang rapes. Grievous bodily assault that put people in intensive care. Ganging up on undercover police officers. Now, I’m not saying the Nicelanders are angels, but somehow this does not bode well. Until now we’ve been spared many of the ethnic and racial tensions that our neighbouring countries have had to endure; however, I fear that is about to change. Oy vey!

The sun shone brightly today and injected a little bit of spring into our hearts and minds. Sigh. I long for spring – I can hardly remember when winter dragged on and on in such a way … probably not since my Canadian incarnation. It has been a remarkably harsh winter. Or maybe we’re just spoiled by all the greenhouse winters we’ve had in recent years. Anyway, temps are still pretty low, 1°C at the moment [34F] and sunrise was at 6:59 am, sunset due for 8:08 pm, which is in about 15 minutes’ time.

* See? I just spared you the trouble of buying the book.



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