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I got my insurance against the Yule Cat today.

It was a close call, but I shall be saved from its treacherous belly once again this year. Phew.

In fact, for the last two days it’s been unseasonably warm and rainy. Coupled with strong winds – from the south, which is preferable to the north, but still not pleasant. EPI and I have just walked home from downtown where we imbibed yet another traditional [for us] Yuletide dinner, this time at the fabulous Jómfrúin [The Virgin]. They’re a danish Smørrebrød outfit and do this amazing Yule platter, which is a combination of All Best Things Danish. Mmm. Anyway, it was blowing pretty hard and there was this fine drizzle that covered us in a veneer of wetness. The sort of weather I remember from Copenhagen, in fact. Currently 9°C and the sun [hah! what sun? we barely had daylight…] here in the capital came up behind the clouds at 11.20 and went down at 15.29. ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WINTER SOLSTICE! YAY!!

PS. I can’t remember which Yule Lad comes today, but I shall return with a more comprehensive report tomorrow, including an in-depth analysis of the child-rearing benefits of the Yule Lads. Watch this space.