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Something you may want to put in your pipe and smoke

It’s been a super-busy and strenuous weekend and my mind is decidedly fried, so in lieu of something more sophisticated, here are some tasty morsels from my current cache of googlies, collected over the last few weeks.*

~ Some searchers were a bit linguistically challenged, to wit:

where the iceland (Clovis, California)

nice icelander girls (Antioch, Tennessee)

icelander tits (Germany)

wery big penis sex (Riga, Latvia)

~ Some were not fussy at all:

give me some weather report (any one will do – Australia)

pictures of some penis (big, small, thick, thin, doesn’t matter – Spartanburg, South Carolina)

~ Others were genuinely in search of enlightenment:

is there grass in iceland (no, there is only ice, didn’t they teach you that in geography? – Portsmouth, UK)

eskimos in iceland (dude. look out your window – Reykjavik, Iceland)

over 60 woman sex life (come back in about 20 years and I promise I’ll tell you all about it – UK)

~ There was the usual collection of weirdos and perverts:

snot girl pictures (not touching that one – Norfolk, UK)

bare ass from iceland (because they’re different from bare asses anywhere else – Boonton, New Jersey)

pics of groping in public (walk into any bar in downtown Reykjavik after midnight and bingo! – Medford, Massachusets)

dido “interview” penis (I didn’t know she did “interviews” – Flushing, New York)

women stripped down to nothing in public (what, you mean like, invisible? – Canyon County, California)

spanking reykjavik (in the town square, every Friday at 3 pm. Free admission. – France)

naked weather woman showing the weather (oh, and not showing her tits? I see. – USA)

~ And the rest, the mind simply boggles:

ram spank puff (Czech Republic)

whale puke (USA)

~ Over and out. Regular programming shall resume as soon as I’ve recovered my brain.

* Search words used on google, and for some reason landing on the Iceland Weather Report.