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Spoilt for choice

God, I can’t decide what to blog about.

  • Our amazing First Lady, Dorrit Mouissaieff, who became an Icelandic citizen yesterday and who is such a marvellous asset to this country?
  • Our President, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who today has served ten years in office and whose first wife died of leukemia just two years after he was elected?
  • Sigur Rós, one of the few internationally-renowned Icelandic bands, who have been playing free outdoor concerts around Iceland, just because they want to give something back? [I don’t have a lot of regrets in my life, but I really regret giving their concert a pass on Klambratún, here in Reykjavík, two evenings ago…]
  • The novel I’m reading, that has me so transfixed that I can’t sleep at night?
  • The fact that I went out on my bike today wearing leggings, sneakers, a short-sleeved dress and no jacket? It’s probably the first time I’ve been out on my bike here in Iceland with my arms bare. [Ah, lovely greenhouse effect! – er, until the glaciers melt so much that the gulf stream goes away…]
  • Today’s happy visit to the jovial orthodontist, who informed us that he intends to apply a wedge to AAH’s upper jaw to pry it apart [yech!] so he can make her teeth fit properly?
  • How the Icelandic nation sits breathless in front of the boob tube twice a week watching Rock Star Supernova [bleh] because our very own Magni currently tops the polls as the winner?
  • The crazy Verslunarmannahelgi long weekend, coming up next? [Times Online calls it a North Atlantic Ibiza and that’s possibly the most accurate description I’ve ever heard].
  • The fact that it’s open-tax-returns season, meaning everybody’s finances are open to viewing by everybody else?
  • The fact that the swimming pools have finally begun taking action against tourists who refuse to get naked?

Sigh. Or maybe I’ll just post another sunset pic:

… The sunset last night around 11pm.

Yes! So today was the best day of the summer so far [they say] and it was beautiful. It was EPI’s first day of work after summer holidays and he left at noon to go hang out at the Laugardalslaug pool with me [it took a lot of arm-twisting to get him there.][not.] We then went out on our bikes [see above] to the store, and en route saw people actually swimming in the ocean approximately where the above picture was taken. [Lunatics.] The digital display at the store claimed it was 23°C and whoo-hoo! I believe it. Anyway, we’ll take more of those, please. Although it sure makes it difficult to hanker down and work on those assignments that keep staringstaringstaring at me every time I sit down and write blog posts or generally dick around on the computer. ‘Nuff said. Currently a sweltering 16°C and sunrise was at 04.33 and sunset 22.32.

PS – OH MY!! Would you like to guess what is on television at this very moment? The Others. How utterly poetic. Must go watch.



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