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Taking intimacy to a new level

EPI and I are gearing up for a trip to Berlin next week [w00t!] and have just discovered that the hotel we’re staying at has rather, um, unorthodox arrangements concerning their en-suite bathrooms. Apparently they’re sort of right inside the room, separated only by a glass partition.*

I’m thinking they hired the same architects as the Smáralind people. You?

It rained yesterday so virtually all the snow melted in one go, which is excellent as it means we don’t have to contend with the Iceland-sized skating rink that normally develops when we have melting and then freezing. Today was lovely, started out sunny and bright but clouded over somewhat in the afternoon, although there was still minimal wind activity, so that was okay. Plus temps hovered above the freezing mark, which is a welcome departure from the ‘cold puddle’ that has been hanging over our heads for weeks on end. I’m starting to think spring may arrive after all. Temps right now are 3°C [37F], sunrise was at 8.20 and sunset due for 6.59 pm.

PS – has anyone ever heard of Schmap Guides? Apparently they may want to use one of my Flickr photos in their Canada guide, although why they would choose this one is beyond me.

* Strangely enough [or not], their main website does not show any photos of their rooms. However, if you click on this link and then the first photo, you’ll see what I mean.



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  • Keera December 31, 2008, 9:56 am

    Alda, your summary of 2008 reminded me of my Berlin trip in September. I stayed at the very same hotel you did. My single room had a more discreet bathroom since it had a solid wall functioning as the bed’s headboard. I’m also amused that we went to the same city and came home with completely different photos. 🙂