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YT passes on the shark and feeds EPI tulips instead

I have my favicon back, HUZZAH!! Look! Up next to the web address.

OK, now that that’s sorted, I can finally get back to relating the inane details of my daily life.

So yesterday was feed-your-man-putrid-shark day here in Niceland, also known as bóndadagur, or ‘man of the house day’. It’s the day when women are supposed to go out and buy rotten food for their husbands or boyfriends or partners, and bring it home along with a bouquet of tulips. Actually, I didn’t know about the tulip thing until yesterday, when I went to Hagkaup to pick up some lamb filets and lobster tails for dinner [note that I didn’t buy any putrid shark because I’m civilized] and I noticed that all the pails that had previously contained tulips were empty [except for a couple of bouquets with pink tulips] whereas all the pails containing roses were full. Hm, thought I, and continued on my merry way, until a few minutes later when I noticed a swarm of women descending on the flower pails. Naturally I had to investigate and promptly discovered that the reason for the commotion was that the tulip pails were being filled and the women were virtually trampling all over each other trying to get at them.

Which is when I realized: I was supposed to bring EPI tulips and I didn’t even know. Damn! How had he put up with me all those years? Tulipless?? I snatched a bouquet quick as a flash, and triumphantly delivered it to an overjoyed EPI a few minutes later.

Dinner was excellent, and EPI didn’t miss the rotten food at all. Because, well, he had tulips. And an excellent bottle of red wine. And YT doting on him for the entire evening. At least up to the point where I just had to put on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy because I was getting serious withdrawal symptoms [have I mentioned my recent Grey’s Anatomy obsession? Dampened only by my annoyance that Derek and Meredith – Merde-ith – are taking the whole damn second season to get it on? Sheesh, why can’t he just accept that he really loves her and be done with it, already!*] at which point EPI made himself scarce because if there’s one thing that EPI cannot stand it is hospital dramas. And thus ended our ‘man around the house day’, with YT flaked out on the sofa watching Grey’s Anatomy with AAH, eating Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Chunk ice cream, and EPI in his play room, strumming his guitar.

A nasty, wet-weather storm, that will undoubtedly turn our winter wonderland to slush. Winds are going to be up to 30 m/s tomorrow. Today was overcast, with hardly any wind which made it excellent for skiing. And, as promised, pictures. Sunrise/sunset same as below.

* Please, nobody feed me any spoilers!